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Advanced Blueprint Reading

This course is designed to further develop thought processes useful in locating pertinent components on a set of drawings. The topics covered will include: structural, architectural, and engineered drawings and specifications.


Advanced Welding

This course will introduce boiler tube procedures to members with welding experience. Welders will be taught the skills necessary to take and pass the certification test.


Aerial Lift

Following ANSI standards, this class utilizes classroom and hands-on instruction. Members will be provided with the skills necessary to safely operate “Self-Propelled Platforms” (Scissor Lifts) and “Boom-Supported Platforms” (Boom Lifts).


Blueprint Reading

This course will include calculation materials, using an architect’s scale, recognizing symbols, and interpreting information in section and elevation views.


Builder’s Level/Transit

This course presents the operation, function and proper use of the transit-level.  Skills include:  setting up the transit and reading elevations, interpreting bench marks, transferring bench mark levels requiring multiple transit setups, plumbing over a point, turning angles and reading the Vernier scale.


Building Science for Carpenters

This course will introduce members to new and innovative products and technologies for residential construction.  The topics covered will include:  structural and architectural advances, moisture barrier improvements and environmentally friendly materials.


Carpenter’s Math

Review the basics of algebra, plain and solid geometry, conversions, and other mathematical skills relevant to the trades.


Casework and Trim

Learn the installation of molded and shaped wood trim, including coped joints, compound miters, back cuts, and returns. Molding profiles used include different styles of base, crown, quarter round, chair rail, and built-up architectural trims using multiple profiles.


Computer Basics

This course will teach members the basics of using personal computers. They will develop an understanding of computer hardware, the use of software (Windows, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel) and how to surf the internet.


Construction Master Calculator

This course introduces the operation of the Construction Master Pro calculator and utilizes hands-on learning. Calculators are provided.


First Aid /CPR/AED

This class will not only provide information and techniques to insure our member's on-the-job safety, but will also provide critical skills that may save the life of a friend or family member. Certifications will be issued upon successful completion of the hands-on test.


Forklift Safety

This class includes classroom instruction on the current Federal OSHA standards for the safe operation of a powered industrial lift truck. Hands-on training includes operating the lift truck to demonstrate safe operating procedures.


Framing Square

The course covers the full framing square with all five scales and four tables. This class will develop the skills necessary to make the best use of a framing square.


Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

This class will examine the different insulated concrete forms, how they connect, and the advantages in each design.


Intro to Acoustical Ceilings

This course presents basic theory, layout, and installation of an acoustical ceiling. The focus is primarily on 2’ x 4’ and 2’ x 2’ exposed grid ceilings. Laser level setup and print reading will be included as well as layout of a grid at a 45° angle to the walls.


Intro to Drywall

This course will familiarize you with the tools, materials, and methods of finishing drywall. Both hand and mechanical tools will be presented along with paper, vinyl, and metal trim components.


Metal Stud Framing

This course will introduce and/or reinforce correct procedures for the layout and construction of metal stud walls. Methods of converting finish measurements to rough wall layout, installation of welded doorframes and discussion of knockdown (KD) doorframes. Various stud layout procedures will be utilized in the shop.


OSHA 10 Hour Safety

This class is an intense, fast paced, thorough course in OSHA construction safety standards, covering 10 subjects. Hands-on manipulative training and interactive lecture are utilized in this class


Plastic Laminate

This course will cover the proper procedures for building and installing a plastic laminate countertop. Each participant will construct different countertops using various edge treatments and back splashes. Sink cutouts and radius tops will also be discussed and applied.

Rigging Qualification  

This course covers in detail rope, sling, and connection capacities. Learn how to determine the right size sling or chocker for the job, and how to calculate the effects of sling angle in the capacity of rigging hardware. This class includes interactive lecture sessions and emphasizes hands-on training with an overhead crane.


Rough Terrain Forklift Safety

This class includes classroom instruction on the current Federal OSHA standards for the safe operation of a powered industrial lift truck. Hands-on training includes operating the lift truck to demonstrate safe operating procedures.


Scaffold Qualification

During this course, Welded Frame Scaffolds, Mobile Towers Scaffolds, Tube & Coupler Scaffolds, Systems Scaffolds, OSHA Scaffold Regulations, and Fall Protection will be covered.  A scaffold qualification card will be issued upon successful completion. 


Scaffold Refresher

To meet the requirements of the Scaffolding Qualification Program, the member must: Complete Scaffold Refresher Training every four years. Refresher training must be completed within one year of the expiration date listed on the qualification card. After the one-year period, the full qualification must be repeated.


Stepping Up to Foreman

This course was developed by the UBC to assist journeymen who are considering a move to a foreman’s position. It consists of self-evaluation and group discussion of what constitutes a good foreman. It focuses on people skills – not trade skills.


Total Station

The total station will take you through the data from field drawings and CAD programs to the total station in the field for layout tasks. Classroom training and hands-on training with the equipment will provide the skills necessary to operate in the field.


Vinyl Siding Installation

The course covers proper installation of the exterior insulation and building wrap, installation of the starter strip to ensure a level, good appearance, and installation of horizontal siding and trim components.


Welding Certification

Certification testing for Plate, Stainless Steel and Boiler Tube are available.


Welding Lab

This lab is designed to give members the opportunity to practice and become proficient prior to certification testing.


Welding Principles

This class introduces the basic knowledge of welding for those seeking to become proficient in stick welding (SMAW) and/or TIG/MIG.



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